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Cactus Reining Classic
Media Pass Application

No outside video or photography is allowed. Competitors are encouraged to purchase videos and photos from the official show cinematographer and images from the official photographer. By way of entry into the event, competitors, and their respective employees, agents and family members grant the permission without remuneration for the use and public distribution of their image, likeness, voice and video for the possible promotion of the event. All exhibitors will be subject to the use of photographers and cinematographers under the direction of show management for the benefit of show promo­tion. No exhibitor will be allowed the discretionary use of his or her services. ONLY THE OFFICIAL EVENT PHOTOGRAPHER WILL BE ALLOWED TO SELL PHOTOGRAPHS OF THE CACTUS REINING CLASSIC HORSE SHOW. All images pertaining to or in relation to the Cactus Reining Classic Horse Show are under the sole ownership of RBB, Inc. and Brumley Management Group. Only reporters assigned by recognized newspapers, radio or television or the Associated Press will be issued press passes. Requests for press passes MUST be sent in writing, e-mailed to, on the letterhead of the newspaper, magazine or broadcast outlet and signed by the editor. All other photographers must sign an agreement not to sell their photographs except to the publications for which they work two weeks prior to the beginning of the show. Photographers and camera crews who have not followed these requirements will be escorted off the grounds.