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Brumley Management Group

BMG Events are known world-wide. For over two decades Brumley Management Group, Inc. events have dominated the top of the National Reining Horse Associations Annual List of Leading Events. The question most asked is, “How did this all come to be?

A young woman with stubborn determination and the belief that ideas are powerful forces put her dreams into action. Before Amanda Brumley married Tracy Brumley in 2000, Amanda had a passion for everything equine. Brumley notes, “As a little girl I would do anything to be around and ride horses”. “To say I was obsessed was an understatement. I just wanted to ride and show horses. I started with gymkhanas events, then rode pony jumpers, followed by pleasure and trail horses. I rode cow horses and then Reining caught on on the west coast and held my enthusiasm.” Years of participation taught her one important thing. “Showing should be an experience worthy of exhibitor’s efforts, win or lose, and sadly many events were not.” Brumley saw that many shows were run horribly and often youth riders took the brunt of late nights. There was little to no customer service, and grumpy show staffs created unhappiness and irritability for all. “I wondered why someone wasn’t making shows better for everyone.”

Brumley’s idea to make showing horses more enjoyable became an action plan. After five years with the marketing department of, at that time a little known startup company called Ariat International, Brumley put herself through college earning a degree in multimedia . Between the marketing experience from Ariat and the skills in graphic design, websites, and video editing, Brumley attained the foundation she needed to take her next career step. Brumley was determined to produce a quality Reining show that everyone could benefit from and enjoy.

It wasn’t long before Brumley had the opportunity to create her first competition. Reining by the Bay debuted summer of 1999. That event was a success and eventually after much planning, became a partnership with Pat Warren, owner of Rancho Oso Rio in Scottsdale, Arizona. “The first Reining by the Bay was a big learning curve for me,” states Brumley. “There were so many unknowns, and a facility which was barely a show facility with no permanent power, limited water supply and a ‘green horn’ behind the wheel. I don’t know how we did it. There were so many willing and able people who stepped up to help, who believed in my vision and me.”

The 1999 Reining by the Bay thrust Brumley into the show production business and ultimately unfolded into the three major reining events Brumley Management Group produces today. In 2005 the Cactus Reining Classic held its first event at WestWorld of Scottsdale, followed by the High Roller Reining Classic, Las Vegas in 2008. What started as a small business that could only be a part time endeavor, became a full time event production company.

In fall of 2018, Brumley was approached by fellow Reiner, Taylor Sheridan. Sheridan is an Academy-Award nominee, writer of HELL OR HIGH WATER and SICARIO, WRITER/DIRECTOR of WIND RIVER and co-creator of YELLOWSTONE. Taylor wanted to design a venue that showcased the talent of both horse and rider in one of the most demanding equine sports in existence: Reining. After many discussions and the ‘thumbs up’ from Paramount Network his vision began to form and in February 2019, Brumley and Sheridan began their next chapter; THE RUN FOR A MILLION.

THE RUN FOR A MILLION offers the unprecedented opportunity to introduce millions of viewers to the sport of Reining. Nine of the industries most successful Reining Professionals, and three Wild Card Professionals will compete for a total purse of $1,000,000.

The Paramount TV unscripted television series THE LAST COWBOY follows the twelve reining horse trainers as they prepare to compete in the richest event in the history of Reining –THE RUN FOR A MILLION, hosted by the prestigious South Point Arena and Equestrian Center, Las Vegas, Nevada August 15 – 17, 2019. The season premiere of THE LAST COWBOY airs on Thursday, July 11 on Paramount Network and Country Music Television. The two part season finale focus’ on THE RUN FOR A MILLION and will air on Thursday, August 22 and 29.

The goals of Brumley Management Group events are clear; exhibitor customer service is a must, attention to detail is paramount and sponsors must be provided a return on their investment to ensure a long and successful relationship. Brumley notes that without her event team, including family members such as her husband Tracy, mother in-law Dana and father in-law Terry Brumley, events would not be the success they are today. “I am fortunate to have amazing people to work with. My staff is friendly, compassionate and organized. I don’t have to have a huge staff with folks like these. Not to mention the incredible support we receive from many sponsors as without them… there wouldn’t be BMG Events,” comments Brumley. “We want everyone who participates to have an enjoyable experience and be looking forward to our next event.”